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Kills all the tweens (or specific tweening properties) of a particular object or the delayedCalls to a particular function. If, for example, you want to kill all tweens of myObject, you'd do this:


To kill only particular tweening properties of the object, use the second parameter. For example, if you only want to kill all the tweens of myObject.opacity and myObject.x, you'd do this:

gsap.killTweensOf(myObject, {opacity: true, x: true});

To kill all the delayedCalls (like ones created using gsap.delayedCall(5, myFunction);), you can simply callgsap.killTweensOf(myFunction); because delayedCalls are simply tweens that have their target and onComplete set to the same function (as well as a delay of course).

You can also pass in a string that defines selector text, like "#myID" to kill the tweens of the element with an ID of "myID". You may also pass in an array of targets.

killTweensOf() affects tweens that haven't begun yet too. If, for example, a tween of myObject has a delay of 5 seconds andgsap.killTweensOf(myObject) is called 2 seconds after the tween was created, it will still be killed even though it hasn't started yet.

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