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About GreenSock

There is a special breed of developer/designer with a passion for building experiences, not just static interfaces. They won't settle for rollovers and a few fadeins/fadeouts. They sweat the details. For them, success isn’t measured by "does it work?" but rather "is it a joy to use? Does it pleasantly surprise and captivate?" They're students of their craft, pushing the limits and chasing excellence. They’re rarely satisfied with their own work, but that's what makes them good. The screen is their playground.

That special breed is precisely who we aim to serve. Having been in the trenches for over 15 years, we understand the unique challenges that developers face.

One of the most common frustrations is the lack of reliable, well-crafted, and robust code that could be consistently used across projects. Sure, there were open source options and code snippets but most of them were either abandoned, inefficient, anemic, obtuse, bloated, or riddled with bugs. The commercial components we saw were largely built for novices, lacking professional-grade flexibility or performance. So we set about the task of crafting the tools we craved. When we shared them with the community, the response was nothing short of astounding.

We’re obsessed with making the tools better and we're committed to supporting the community that has grown to love our tools almost as much as we do.

Our Mission


Creating world-class tools that stand up to the most rigorous implementations.


Build tools that aren't just one-trick-ponies, but can be leveraged across a wide range of projects with ease.


Deliver excellent support through training, detailed docs, and community.


Maintain a reputation of integrity and reliability, focused around our users.


Empower creative expression in a fun way by making our tools intuitive and highly capable.


Avoid the common frailties of open source projects while also keeping the tools very accessible.

The Customers

Our Team

Jack Doyle

Founder and Code Connoisseur

An odd mix of designer and developer, Jack transitioned from an award-winning artist into a code-obsessed geek who crafted the GreenSock tools. He is the world’s worst multi-tasker (he can barely walk and chew gum at the same time), but if you give him a challenge or riddle, his one-track (ahem, stubborn) mind locks in and won’t let go until it is solved. He gets a kick out of dreaming up ways to accomplish various advanced feats with JavaScript/HTML/CSS and then delivering tools that make it easy for others.

Listen to Jack interviewed on the Eggheadio podcast here.

Jack and his Brazilian wife live near Chicago with their 2 sons. He played volleyball for Illinois State University and still enjoys playing despite his aging joints and declining vertical leap. He loves discussing the issues related to what people believe (and why), who Jesus is (or isn’t), and how faith affects our lives in practical ways. He shared a little bit about his faith journey here.

Cassie Evans

Lead Bestower of Animation Superpowers

Cassie is an international speaker and creative developer with a background in graphic design and motion design. She has written for CSS-Tricks and Codrops and has thrown workshops for Smashing Magazine.

When learning to code she was blown away by how supportive the web community was and loves nothing more than giving back and passing this knowledge on to new developers. Her favourite motto for teaching others is "assume zero experience but infinite intelligence".

She loves creating and encouraging spaces for people to share, learn and bounce ideas off each other. At GreenSock, she does everything from teaching and speaking to improving greensock.com and answering questions in the forums.

When she's not tinkering on the web, she's off having adventures in the English countryside with her best pal Brody - the most wonderful dog in the world.

Blake Bowen

Senior Developer

Blake was drawn into the world of animation and programming at an early age, spending countless hours playing around on the family computer. He started out by learning how to draw vector graphics with the Logo programming language. Several years later, he got into game programming after saving up enough money to buy a license for BlitzBasic. He eventually went on to get a degree in computers, but attributes most of his knowledge to his younger days when he would experiment with code for hours on end.

Blake currently lives in Tampa, Florida with his son. When he is not clacking away at his keyboard, he can usually be found playing video games with his son or soaking up the sun at the beach. He also has a weird obsession with collecting video games, amassing a huge collection from the 1980s and up. People have wondered if he plans on opening a video game museum.