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Plugins are extensions to GSAP’s core that add additional functionality to GSAP. Some plugins add support for properties in other animation libraries (like PIXI.js) while other plugins are to add other GreenSock functionality to GSAP (like morphing SVG, adding drag and drop functionality, etc.). 

To add a new plugin to your project, including every plugin in this list, you should first load the plugin file (from a CDN or from files that you have uploaded) and then use gsap.registerPlugin() to let GSAP know that you’ve added the plugins that you have added.

While you can create your own plugins, there are several official GSAP plugins that we recommend if you need them. For a full list of official GSAP plugins, check out the plugins page.

There are also some "plugins" that are built into the core of GSAP. For a list of those and more information about them, check out the Internal Plugins docs.

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