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Most easing equations give a smooth, gradual transition between the start and end values, but RoughEase provides an easy way to get a rough, jagged effect instead, or you can also get an evenly-spaced back-and-forth movement if you prefer. Configure the RoughEase by passing an object to the constructor or config() method with any of the following properties (all are optional):

  • clamp: Boolean - setting clamp to true will prevent points from exceeding the end value or dropping below the starting value. For example, if you’re tweening the x property from 0 to 100, the RoughEase would force all random points to stay between 0 and 100 if clamp is true, but if it is false, x could potentially jump above 100 or below 0 at some point during the tween (it would always end at 100 though in this example) (Default: false).

  • points: Number - the number of points to be plotted along the ease, making it jerk more or less frequently. (Default: 20)

  • randomize: Boolean - by default, the placement of points will be randomized (creating the roughness) but you can set randomize to false to make the points zig-zag evenly across the ease. Using this in conjunction with a taper value can create a nice effect. (Default: true)

  • strength: Number - controls how far from the template ease the points are allowed to wander (a small number like 0.1 keeps it very close to the template ease whereas a larger number like 5 creates much bigger variations). (Default: 1)

  • taper: String - ("in" | "out" | "both" | "none") - to make the strength of the roughness taper towards the end or beginning or both, use "out", "in", or "both" respectively. (Default: "none")

  • template: Ease - an ease that should be used as a template, like a general guide. The RoughEase will plot points that wander from that template. You can use this to influence the general shape of the RoughEase. (Default: "none")

Example code

  1. //use the default values
  2. gsap.from(element, {duration: 1, opacity: 0, ease: "RoughEase.ease"});
  3. //or customize the configuration
  4. gsap.to(element, {duration: 2, y: 300, ease: 'RoughEase.ease.config({strength: 3, points: 50, template: "Strong.easeInOut", taper: "both", randomize: false'}) });
  5. //or create a RoughEase that we can pass in to multiple tweens later
  6. var rough = new RoughEase({strength: 3, points: 50, template: "Strong.easeInOut", taper: "both", randomize: false});
  7. gsap.to(element1, {duration: 3, y: 300, ease: rough});
  8. gsap.to(element2, {duration: 5, x: 500, ease: rough});

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