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Animating with code may seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry, our platform was engineered to make it simple and intuitive.

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The menu to the left gives you access to every class in the GreenSock API for HTML5. Select a class to get an overview and list of every method and property. Every method and property has its own detail page too packed with descriptions and examples. Be sure to check out the tools in Plugins and Utilities packages too. You'll be amazed at what GSAP can do beyond its core animation abilities. Not sure where to look? Try the search feature.

Our most popular tools

Get the technical details on GreenSock's most popular tools

TweenLite is an extremely fast, lightweight, and flexible animation tool that serves as the foundation of the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP). A TweenLite instance handles tweening one or more properties of any object (or array of objects) over time.

TweenMax extends TweenLite, adding many useful (but non-essential) features like repeat(), repeatDelay(), yoyo(), updateTo(), and more. It also includes many extra plugins by default, making it extremely full-featured. Any of the plugins can work with TweenLite too, but TweenMax saves you the step of loading the common ones like CSSPlugin, RoundPropsPlugin, BezierPlugin, AttrPlugin, DirectionalRotationPlugin as well as EasePack, TimelineLite, and TimelineMax.


TimelineLite is a lightweight, intuitive timeline class for building and managing sequences of TweenLite, TweenMax, TimelineLite, and/or TimelineMax instances. You can think of a TimelineLite instance like a container where you place tweens (or other timelines) over the course of time.

TimelineMax extends TimelineLite, offering exactly the same functionality plus useful (but non-essential) features like repeat, repeatDelay, yoyo, currentLabel(), tweenTo(), tweenFromTo(), getLabelAfter(), getLabelBefore(), getActive() and more.

Draggable provides a surprisingly simple way to make virtually any DOM element draggable, spinnable, tossable, and even flick-scrollable using mouse and/or touch events, plus Draggable integrates beautifully (and optionally) with ThrowPropsPlugin so that the user can flick and have the motion decelerate smoothly based on momentum.

Official GreenSock Training (videos and eBook)

If you want to learn all of what GSAP can do check out our official video training Learn HTML5 Animation with GreenSock which includes over 5 hours of HD video created by our Geek Ambassador, Carl Schooff. This course is packed with real-world projects and detailed step-by-step instructions.

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