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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I am trying to change a text value in an animation using a timeline, for example, i'd like the text to animate off, the value to update, and then animate on again. I need to know that the animate on doesn't start until the text value has changed. I hoped to be able to use the timline.set(textfield, {text:"NewValue"}); but it seems that set/tween can only use numeric values? How can I best achieve this result?
  2. Woj

    Tweening string items

    Hey guys, I have a gallery which brings in a .png text headline for every frame. As the gallery auto plays or as the user swipes through, each headline pops on and off the screen as it should. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to attach a greensock tween to each string item. Any ideas? gwd.galleryText = function(event) { var gallery = document.getElementById('gwd-swipegallery_1'); var div = document.getElementById('my-div'); var text = { 1: "<img src='assets/headline1.png'>", 2: "<img src='assets/headline2.png'>", 3: "<img src='assets/headline3.png'>" }; div.innerHTML = text[gallery.currentIndex]; };
  3. I'm trying to tween a custom object property with string values, but they are changed to NaN. Why are they been treated as number? .fromTo(_bg, 0.7, { currentBg:'bg1', curentBgType:'gradient', ratio:0 }, { currentBg:'bg2', curentBgType:'gdImg', ratio:1 },0.001 )