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Found 4 results

  1. I have taken a scroll effect from the codepen and tried to edit it. I want to create an effect where when the user scrolls a bit the page gets snapped to the top and also I want the page that is snapped to the top to get pin so the next page will show on top of that and while scrolling the pinned page don't scroll and remain fixed. the first problem I am facing is that pin is giving space at the top of the page which I don't want and also my page is not getting pinned and also my fifth page is not showing. why it is happening and how to solve it. (I am completely new in gsap) index.html scroll.js
  2. Hello, I tried to recreate material ui 3 carousel with GSAP. When we swipe on the carousel, width of next image in the line should increase and width of current image should decrease. I added labels in the timeline where one of the images are in expanded positions. When the timeline is linked to a ScrollTrigger, Snap to labels is working fine. And it is not working if timeline is linked to draggable. I tried snap: { snapTo: "labelsDirectional", duration: 0.01, ease: "none", }, and snap: "labelsDirectional", Is it not supported? Please help me with anything Im doing wrong. Thanks Carousel with ScrollTrigger
  3. How to scroll to only next element on mouse wheel and not to any other element ? how to scroll to specific element if I click from any random button from 1 - 5 ? (if I click from 1 - 5 or 5 - 1 incrementally it works fine but not with random button click) how to avoid dragging effect when I scroll in snap scrolling ? do you have any such examples where based on main div scroll, it's children is in sync ?
  4. Trying to create a draggable snap to pages on a site: sample codepen found here: http://codepen.io/cmmize1/pen/gltzw - no ScrollToPlugin and here: http://www.pradev.com/one-page/sample.html - with ScrollToPlugin On the Draggable.create - using a type: 'scroll' or a type:'x,y' - I am having problems getting the proper snap behavior on the x axis (dragging left - see page two of the sample). Any help figuring out the dynamics of the snap values to behave proper for this type of site would be greatly appreciated. The Y scrolling snap work great. Another thing I noticed changing the Draggable.create to a type: 'x,y' - The return values for jquerys .position varies on the pages. Shows up in the function scrollTo console.log. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the wrapper div that gets created with Draggable.create - type:'x,y'? I have commented out the code for the Draggable.create - type:'x,y' so as to test both types. Thanks for any help, Chuck