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  1. I am trying make my Sections Scroll through like in this example, but i want to extend the Time between Sections, aswell as have two Sublines. So if i enter a section the Headline and the first Subline is revealed and if i scroll more the first subline is replaced by the second Subline.
  2. Hi, I am fairly new to web development, so this may be a silly problem but please help me out: Using GreenSock | Docs | Helper Functions as a reference, I have animated two of my divs, which were animating perfectly on scroll in the page, until I tried to add a navigation bar to the page. For a mobile, it is a hamburger menu which when clicked, opens up the navigation bar on the right side of the page. It works perfectly as long as the viewport has anything but my scrolltrigger hooked divs. The moment one of the scrolltrigger related div comes in the viewport, the navigation stops displaying. Is it possible that there is some kind of conflict between the click EventListener of Navigation & DOMLoaded Eventlistener of the scrolltrigger as mentioned in the GreenSock | Docs | Helper Functions ? What should I do ? YOU WILL SEE THE NAVIGATION BAR ONLY IN SMALL SIZED VIEWPORTS. I have attached a sample codepen link and also 2 images which I hope will help you understand the issue. (Although a button is not visible but it works & is placed on top right of the codepen, please bear) Thanks in advance.
  3. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. When you scroll the page from the beginning, the text gradually disappears. But when you scroll to the point where the first block of text is above the middle of the screen and refresh the page, all the text disappears and does not appear
  4. Hey all! First of all, I am designer learning some dev style fighting and I am amazed how many possibilities gsap gives, I was a guy with job related mid-life crisis and gsap allowed me to find enjoyment and excitement, just as 15 years ago when I was just starting my design journey Thanks to everyone that participated and contributed to GSAP! I decided to fight with my portfolio as this was perfect opportunity to practice coding and GSAP animations. My issue is - I've been learning three-js with one of the courses available in the net there and wanted to use it when building my portfolio. There's a part in the course when the author shares his custom scroll code (which is needed to sync positions of meshes in webgl canvas with html divs). Now the hard part I've been fighting with for over a week now: I want to use gsap and scrolltrigger to animate stuff and I can't get this custom scroll to work with scrolltrigger - if I don't specify the scroller proxy it gets all choppy and framrate drops low and when I put scroller proxy the whole structure doesn't work. I've been trying putting different values/names in scroller proxy as part of trial & error, but nothing seems to work Before I wasn't using threejs I was using locomotive scroll and I figured out how to pair it with scrolltrigger pretty easily. But in this instance, I am kind of forced to use this custom scroll code. I attach codepen (image not related ) with one note - somehow the scroll doesn't work in the codepen, but it works on my localhost. Hope I explained everyhthing well enough.
  5. Hi GSAPians, I'm working on a landing page using GatsbyJs + GSAP. I've multiple sections in which I wanna apply the animations on scroll using scrollTrigger. so, I wanna know the best practice to register the scrollTrigger plugin when It's has to be used in multiple sections. Do I've to register it in each section's component? OR Is there any way to register it on one place and then use it in any section or component I want? Thanks
  6. i think i have to do something similar like this(Looped "scrolling" section) or this this(the red panel animation) to achieve the background effect. i dont know how to implement though can you guys help? check out this video i am talking about this
  7. I am trying to stop the stagger animation in between. (check the codepen) I want to freeze the stagger at this particular state (below image). How to do it properly considering scrolltrigger is enabled as well?
  8. Trying to do a few things here and it seems I am close but not quite there yet. Certainly my lack of experience with GSAP is one thing standing in the way Hopefully someone can help, with either some input on what to change or perhaps a working example I've somehow missed. What I need this to do is animate according to the attached image (below). Where the panel slides in from the bottom as opposed to what it's doing now where it wipes upward and reveals from behind. I need it to slide in from the bottom and go upwards overtop. Also, when you get to the last two panels, rather than the second last panel (panel 9) moving up and leaving a blank space, I want it to just end the scroll animation and let the page scroll down to the next section (ending the gsap timeline there).
  9. Hey guys I have a question and I wanted to know if this is possible to do. I have a timeline with a ScrollTrigger gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: element, scrub: 0.5, start: 'top bottom-=15%', markers: true } }) .to(element, {yPercent: -100}) .from($(element).find('.heading'), {yPercent: 20}, '<') .from($(element).find('.description'), {yPercent: 20}, '<') .fromTo($(element).find('.svg-path'), {drawSVG: "0"}, {duration: 1, drawSVG: "100%"}) .to(element, {opacity: 0}, '>-0.2') On this timeline I have multiple tweens, one of those is a drawSVG, but I don't want that svg animation to be attached to the scroll, so basically I just want the animation to appears once the svg is on the viewport. It's there a way to separate that single tween from the ScrollTrigger scrub? Or do I have to make another ScrollTrigger just for that drawSVG animation?
  10. At first load, start and end markers are placed all together at the top of viewport. This is a first load screenshot: So, all animations start at the first load. Then, when the window is resized, the markers goes to its right place. This is a screenshot after resize window: When I try to do the same in a isolated codepen (see attached codepen) it works as expected. The wrong behavior just happens in my app. I know that is hard to help with no minimal demo that reproduces the error. I'm so sorry about that. I just hope this issue is a known problem. Here is the live site. And here the GSAP code in context import gsap from 'gsap' import ScrollTrigger from 'gsap/ScrollTrigger' gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger) export default class PostsHtml { constructor() { this.posts = gsap.utils.toArray('.post'); this.posts.forEach(post => { let postName = post.id.replace(/-/g, "") gsap.to(post, { x: 100, scrollTrigger: { trigger: post, start: 'top center', end: 'bottom center', onEnter: () => console.log('enter: ' + postName), onLeave: () => console.log('leave: ' + postName), onEnterBack: () => console.log('enter back: ' + postName), onLeaveBack: () => console.log('leave back: ' + postName), markers: true } }) }) } } What is happening here? Why start and end are not set in the right place at first load? Thanks!
  11. i created this basic scrolltrigger animation of spinning circle, its working fine but the problem im facing is when i do fast scroll then spin animation become snappy means its only play a single active "SectionTL1 2 3 4 5" gsap timeline. what i want when i scroll its scroll smoothly like this 0 to 72, 72 to 144, 144 to 216, 216 to 288 as we scroll through each section but when i scroll fast for example at 144 "SectionTL3" and stop at 288 "SectionTL5" it should play like 144 rotation to 288. like right now suppose if we scroll fast and stop at "SectionTL5" it will only play 216 to 288 and i want it to play full smooth 0 to 288 spin animation. i dont know how i can achieve that or what should i change in the existing codding to get the desire result i want. Thank you
  12. Firstly, thank you team (and others) for your quick replies. The codepen tutorial was a lifesaver. Here's my issue: I'm trying to make a puk decomposition on scroll similar to the glock demo. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/MWaWPmG I have the animation working https://codepen.io/Designgeekstudio/pen/eYEWyya but when I apply scrub: "true". I have no control and the tweeting and easing goes away. https://codepen.io/Designgeekstudio/pen/KKvmZQr
  13. As i was using the angular 12 to build the webapp i'm trying to use the scroll trigger animation in my project, the thing is the initial animation is working fine. But when it comes to ScrollTrigger in doesn't works in angular. I dont know why... I want to target a particular class in HTML to animate it using the scrolltrigger plugin
  14. hi all, I am trying to add animation to carousel. I am using ngx-slick-carousel for carousel. All animations are working fine but one. when i am swiping the slide, the animation is not taking effect. Animation is working pretty well before and after swipe complete. I want animation to be done while swiping. here is the code: let cards = currentCardBox.querySelectorAll('.card-body') let slideNum = e.currentSlide gsap.to(cards[slideNum+1], { scaleY:1.5, scrollTrigger: { trigger: cards[slideNum], start: 'left 30%', end: "-=100", scrub: true, horizontal: true, markers: true }, }); Q : What I am trying to achieve ? Ans: when the hero card swipes to left, next to hero card become hero card with some animation. Thanks for the help..
  15. In the pen the height of the header is updated on scroll, but the value for end stays the same.(I coloured the header so you can see it better that the end value is not at the bottom of the header after it changed height). How can I update the end value constatly so this does not happen? (I hope you can understand what I mean)
  16. hello great community, am a freelance nature and documentary photographer!! web animation is always my passion to watch, and am trying to learn something, and completely new to GSAP world, yesterday have started experimenting and examples are really inspire to learn. Yesterday i learn horizontal scrolling. here in this example, i am trying to achieve image comparison inside a horizontal scrolling section, -> where sections ended in the mid of animation and quickly jump to next section!! help me to complete image comparison first, then scroll to next section. And from tween for a titles and text is not working..... and i need suggestion to slow and smooth scroll in-between sections, have tried many as possible, but its not happening with me,,
  17. Hi, I'm back at it again and need some help understanding what is going wrong. I want my scrollTrigger to only be active on mobile devices. Thus, I created the scrollTrigger animation within a media query. As I understand the documentation my implementation should work but it obviously doesn't 🙃 I'm having trouble understanding where I'm going wrong this time ://
  18. Hi, I am trying to accomplish this animation using scrolltrigger, but there is some weird space below the first section. I added pinSpacer: false and now, weird space is gone but second section is going beneath the first section. I dont what that to happen.. thanks
  19. Hello everyone, I'm facing problem in creating this effect in horizontal scroll. https://codepen.io/eighthday/pen/MKqBjX I want to create this same effect for my page reveal but I want my sections to scroll horizontally and then my whole website will be vertical. I tried by changing the "top" with "left" in js but it didn't work as expected. The problem might be in my approach with horizontal scroll as xPercent is transforming whole section and I can't fix the position of start logo. This is what I did. https://codepen.io/aniketbamotra/pen/wvJrNjr PS. I'm new to web development and this is my first time using gsap so help me with this. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi there! Thanks a lot first for creating this library! I am only starting to using it more often but love how easy it can make powerful, performant transitions. This is my first time using ScrollTrigger however and I am unsure how to use it in a good way for my use case. I've spent a few hours on trying to put this together but did not get it fully working and hope that some of you can guide me in the right direction. What I am trying to achieve Once Section Two ('section .two') reaches the middle of the viewport it should be pinned. After that the text elements on the right of Section Two ('.stepped-animation .single-step') should fade in / out one after another when I scroll further. There should be a "direct" transition to the next text element, meaning for example it shouldn't stop during animation at opacity 0.5 of a text element (I tried to achieve this using snap). The last one should stay visible when I scroll on. After the last text element is shown and the user scrolls further the Section Two should be unpinned and it should scroll on further to the next section (no need to snap to the next section, just go on). What I could do so far As you can see in the codepen I've somehow got it to work, but: I've manually added the transitions for the text elements and durations (see stepsTimeline) which is not a plausible way The number of text elements can vary. Somehow the whole Section Two now also snaps in place, which is not really what I intend. It should just normaly scroll into place until it is pinned without the snapping. Less important, maybe a second question: I would like to get rid of the white space above / below the pinned section but also do not want the following content to go under the pinned section (what happens when I disable pinSpacing). A few thoughts on how I tried to achieve the solution Two scroll triggers: - one that pins / unpins the Section Two - one that goes through the text elements and shows / hides then when the time is right I feel like there is probably a better way on how to setup the whole thing and maybe use ScrollTrigger it in another way combined with timeline - but I cannot see it 😓 Thanks for any help! Aaron
  21. I have a Next.js/React project with typescript and Storybook: when using Scrolltrigger.matchmedia() function the component always give an error when running inside Storybook: _win is undefined matchMedia@http://localhost:6006/vendors~main.d3f7aa1f55228e485314.hot-update.js:1541:10 Removing matchmedia it all works as expected, but I need it in the project, this is very upsetting... You can find the demo code here on github: https://github.com/marcello-palmitessa/gsap-scrolltrigger-issues-demo
  22. Hello Dear members of this forum can i please ask for a little guidance. I want to combine three.js and gsap/scrollTrigger. My page structure is simple: two sections both with height: 100vh First section is simple hero baner that is not containing any animation (not relevant for the issue) and the second section is a place when magic should happen. I animating three.js model as soon as the second section hits the viewport and I did it by absolute postioning inside relative parent, creating a timeline with all the changes to model (rotation, scale, lighting, camera movment) and connect it all with scroll trigger (using "pin" propery) and this works like charm. Since I cant use codepen i will paste code here (so sorry) js: const timeline = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".scene-wrapper", start: "top", scrub: 1, pin: true } }); timeline .to(ambientLight, {intensity: 4, duration: 0.4}, 'scene1') .to(mainLight, {intensity: 5, duration: 0.4}, 'scene1') .to(model.rotation, {y: -Math.PI / 2, duration: 4}, 'scene2') .to(model.position, {x: 0, duration: 3}, 'scene2') .to(camera.position, {y: 0, duration: 3}, 'scene2') .to(camera.position, {z: 4, duration: 2.5}, 'scene3') .to(model.rotation, {z: -0.8, duration: 3}, 'scene3') .to(model.rotation, {y: -2.6, duration: 3}, 'scene3') .to(model.rotation, {z: 0, duration: 3}, 'scene4') .to(model.rotation, {y: -3.1, duration: 3}, 'scene4') .to(camera.position, {y: 0.4, duration: 3}, 'scene4') .to(camera.position, {z: 6, duration: 3}, 'scene4') html: <div class="wrapper"> <div class="section one"> <h1>Funny stuff</h1> </div> <div class="section two scene-wrapper"> <div class="background-container"> <div class="animation-container"></div> </div> <div class="scroll-container"> <section class="scene-1 scene"> <div class="copy-wrapper"> <h2 class="headline">This is 3D Model approach</h2> <p class="subtitle">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit</p> </div> </section> <section class="scene-2 scene"> <div class="content-column"> <div class="copy-wrapper"> <h2 class="headline">Scene 2</h2> <p class="subtitle">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit</p> </div> </div> <div class="content-column"> </div> </section> <section class="scene-3 scene"> <div class="copy-wrapper"> <div class="content-column"> </div> <div class="content-column"> <div class="copy-wrapper"> <h2 class="headline">Scene 3</h2> <p class="subtitle">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit</p> </div> </div> </div> </section> <section class="scene-4 scene"> <div class="copy-wrapper"> <h2 class="headline">Scene 4</h2> <p class="subtitle">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit</p> </div> </section> </div> </div> </div> As you can see inside ".scene-wrapper" i have container for aniamtion AND for 4 sections that i called scenes. My model is pined to a container and stays always on top of the screen (thats desired behaviour) but now i want to hide ans show this 4 texts from the "scens" in particular moments of my aniamtion and I dont know how to approach this.... So question to you dear forum: 1. Should I add animations of each text to the created timeline and create even longer timeline that i have right now or create separate timeline for text ? 2. Do I need second scrollTrigger instance just for texts ? To give you an idea what I want to create please see screenshots NOTE: this is free model downloaded from Sketchfab
  23. Good day, I am trying to figure out a way to have the animation run individually by the same class. I read the page about the common mistake on the loop but still couldn't figure it out. I know Im supposed to use the array but code did not run. can someone help me please?
  24. GSAP newbie here! Using ScrollTrigger with Vue to create parallax and pinned background but the scrolls bug out on page changes. When returning to a page, the page automatically scrolls down to the bottom of the page. I read the documentation and it is because SPAs do not destroy ScrollTriggers on page change. I tried implementing .kill() & refresh() in unmounted hook however it didn't help much. I tried to setup a Codepen but it is a big project and I couldn't figure out a way to create a minimal example.
  25. HI Guys, I have created 2 boxes(large & small).. And i want to animate those boxes differently in different screen sizes. Here in code pen u can see a demo. Its for the large screen device. Here the small box is showing after the first box appears & then sliding to left. But i want to change the animation for medium or small screens. Like first the large box will appear like it do for large screens and then the small box will appear after a few seconds & then instead of sliding left it will disappear after showing a few seconds. I used matchMedia for making changes. But somehow im unable to get the result i want. Im so confused. I dont know what to do. Can anyone tell me whats the problem in my code.