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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! First-time poster, please let me know if I can do anything to improve future questions. In the attached pen, I'm tweening the card title to follow the cursor on mouseover. In isolation, it works as I would expect. However, the behaviour changes dramatically when any arbitrary tween is applied to the card containing the title. I often encounter similar difficulty to avoid undesired effects, as well as issues with things like stacking context. I think I'm missing something critical about where, when and how to create and use multiple tweens correctly. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  2. I made a small website to play a slide with external rss, news and photos. I use a small computer like raspberry and launch Chrome in kiosk mode. I can do without animation (tl.set) but It's better with GSAP ;¬) My current problem is the image transform with a bad painting effect Here is a pen to show the problem : I made a screenshot on the small computer : http://ibb.co/bLVSUc It's better in live but this is the glitch effect. Can I reduce this, using protips ? I use a Odroid xu4 with a mali GPU and 8 CPU are not at 100% (50% max).
  3. Hi everybody, for now, I'm using the requestAnimationFrame function. Is this way the most optimized way ? It looks like this way use a lot of the browser ressources. Thank you var currentMousePos = { x: 0, y: 0 }, mousePos = { x : 0}, myvar; document.addEventListener("mousemove", function(event){ currentMousePos.x = event.pageX; currentMousePos.y = event.pageY; }); function raf() { my_raf = requestAnimationFrame(raf); mouse.x = myvar; TweenMax.to(mousePos, 0.3, { x: currentMousePos.x, onUpdate: function () { myvar = mousePos.x; }, ease: Linear.easeNone }); }
  4. Hello, I used TweenLite and TimelineLite for a game project based on pixijs for graphics part. I did memory test on chrome and realised that when I create use tween / timeline for my sprites I have have leap sawtooth. Is there any pooling mecanism in the lib in order to reuse the tweens when there animation is complete. Cheers,
  5. Hello All, I am developing an app on android using phone gap. I am using timelinemax for animation. My animation is like this : one object is animating along with scroll animation. Animation works fine after scroll is completed. when both run simultaneously then object animation is poor. Is there any workaround for this ? Android Tested : 4.0 to 4.2 My second concern is that how we can achieve more smooth animation by force3D = TRUE or by Tweenmax.set(obj,{z:0.1}); ? Any help would be appreciated.