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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, i import the libs gsap from `npm` for only get @type description with intelisence. But each time i use the tweenLite or tweenMax, it add this line to top of my file import { TweenLite } from "gsap"; how i can remove this feature am pretty sure it comes from gsap because it not happen with my other npm libs @type . I use the npm only for get type description for intelisence, so i no need import each time i use it because am working on a node-webkit app, and i don't use import features, tweenlite are already injected in all the core app.. Also this should not happen because i exclude node_modules import in my jsconfig, but it seems no effect with your libs. ! { "compilerOptions": { "target": "ES6" }, "exclude": [ "node_modules","bower_components","temp","tmp","jspm_packages", "./js/__old/","./js/libs/" ] } thanks
  2. I plan to distribute my HTML5 game as a nwjs app and I am using GSAP for all of my animations. I was wondering how much performance would be improved if there was a GSAP version that only targeted the latest Chrome builds for people using nwjs or Electron. Is this worth it? Would it noticeably enhance animation performance due to skipping all feature and version detection? This was just something I was thinking about and I was curious if it was on your (Jack, Carl) radar.
  3. little question here. if a get a license , do the app need alway online ? Or the request are local ? Or do you share a build without license request ? Also, do you have some free key license for test feature on app node js ? How work you license for app ? In general I would like to avoid polluting my source code of unnecessary request. if i understand the licence is life licence, but only 1 year update . Same like license from texturepacker. https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker Edit: also where it the paypal button ? thank a lot for help me understand