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  1. I'm using TimelineMax to create an animation. I add tweens to it with, for example, the to-method. I know it's possible to set a label to a tween on the same line as adding it to the timeline like this: tlMain.to(sky, 2, { alpha: 1}, 'skyIn') ...and how to timeoffset a tween in the timeline by using [label]+=[value] or [label]-=[value]: tlMain // MOVE IN SKY + SNOW 0 .to(sky, 2, { alpha: 1}, 'skyIn') // fade-in sky .to(snow[0], 2, { alpha: 1}, 'skyIn+=0.5'); // fade-in snow 0.5 seconds after moving in the sky But what I would like to archive is: - add tween W with label A - add tween X with a timeline offset to label A - add tween Y with a timeline offset to the last added tween (tween X) ánd setting a new label for this tween ('Label B') - add tween Z wich starts at exactly the same time as tween Y, so the timeline position is 'label B' So I would like to add a tween to the timeline, add a NEW label this new tween and set a timelineoffset to this new added tween at the same time. So no offset to the given label, but an offset to the last tween, while giving it a new label at the same time. I tried a lot and looked for it in the docs and videos (like http://www.greensock.com/sequence-video/) but can't find a solution to this. Hopefuly you understand my question Is this possible?
  2. I have an animation with 10 chapter with label each one, when finish all the animation y have button to jump in each chapter with "seek()", for example i jump from chapter 1 to 5 with seek('chapter_5'), but when i do it, the animation jump to chapter 5 but show also the chapter 1, chapter 2 3 and 4, So, how can i jump?? to chapter 5 and show only the chapter 5 ? var tl_EscenasControl = new TimelineMax({}); tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_1',0) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena1(),'escena_1') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_2','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena2(),'escena_2') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_3','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena3(),'escena_3') tl_EscenasControl.add('escena_4','+='+delayEntreEscenas) tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena4(),'escena_4') i have button to jump in each chapter buton4.click... tl_EscenasControl.seek('escena_4') it jump to chapter 4 but also show the chapter 2 and 3 how can just jump to 4 ?? and dont show the 2 and 3
  3. Hi everyone i have this delayEntreEscenas=2// THIS WAY I MADE A DELAY tl_EscenasControl=new TimelineMax(//IT IS MY PARENT TIMELINE. { paused:false, onStart:onStart_escenas, onUpdate:onUpdate_escenas, onComplete:onComplete_escenas //align:'start', // WHY IT DONT WORK?? //stagger :5, WHY IT DONT WORK?? //delay :1 WHY IT DONT WORK?? }); tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena1(),0)//I ADD THIS TIME LINE tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena2(),'+='+delayEntreEscenas) //HERE IS MY VARIABLE DELAY . . . function control_escena2(){HERE IS MY SON TIMELINE} . . . i wanna .add a new time line with relative delay and add a new laber at time tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena7(),'myFocusLabel', '+='+delayEntreEscenas) to do this tl_EscenasControl.play('myFocusLabel') i tryed this tl_EscenasControl.add(control_escena7(),'myFocusLabel+='+delayEntreEscenas) // DONT WORK i have 10 buttons to jump in tl_EscenasControl.play('myFocusEscena'). any idea?? Thank you
  4. Hi! I have a timeline with labels/chapters. It plays and a callback is executed on every label, but the problem I'm having is to make the labels clickable, so you could jump to a certain label. It's hard to explain, so I made a jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/robbue/56jW6/ When you click on a chapter the timeline jumps to the label, but the timeline is played correct after that. The labels and callback is added at line 136 and 137. Code for jumping to a label (not working correctly) is on 156, 157 and 159 I have tried several thing without luck: currentLabel(chapter), pause(chapter, false), seek(chapter, false); How could I solve this?
  5. I'm using superscrollorama and am having a hard time trying to understand how to use TimeLineMax properly with it. I need to be able to scroll to a specfic point in the timeline, but tweenTo() isn't animating. I have a superscrolloama object which has a pinned TimeLineMax object. Is there anyway I can tween to a label, or get the scroll.y position of an element or label. I'm out of ideas.
  6. Hi, I have created labels in TimeLineMax() I can play a particular label ex: seq.play("label1") but it plays the subsequent labels after "label1", I dont want it to play "label2", "label3" etc Same if problem if I call seq.play("label2"), it plays the next label also i.e "label3" etc How do I stop the animation after it plays Thanks Dexter