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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there, i'am trying to do something like this Scrolling Image Sequence, but i want to add some pauses in between. For Content like Text and Images to slide in and while i am scrolling. The Image Sequence should stop for that period of time while the Content Changes. If every Content was displayed the Image Sequence should move on towards the next Frame where another Pause should happen so on and so forth.
  2. Hi, Looking for help with a quick project with very similar scope to the Apple Airpods Pro landing page. Full background image sequence (312 images) animated on scroll with text fading in and out along the way, Desktop and Mobile. I have some basics together but need help getting it across the finish-line (and I'm sure there's a cleaner way than what I'm doing). Timeline is roughly 1-2wks. Please reach out with your email and I'll get in touch. Thanks!
  3. Hi Guys, Im a Developer from Germany so please excuse my English.. I need to create an Image Sequence and it should behave like this: You would scroll down until you have the Sequence in the Center of the Viewport, then the Viewport would be pinned (for example) and the Sequence starts. As soon as the Sequence is complete you could scroll further on the page. Is that possible with GSAP? I tried Scroll Magic and failed but i don´t have any experience with Green Sock.. I attached a Picture of the concept.. the Picture you see in there is actually a GIF implemented as an image Sequence. So as soon as the whole brown Module is in view, Scrolling of the ViewPort would be disabled until the Image Sequence is finished. The Live URL (not finished) is here. Maybe you guys have an Idea.. I would be really thankful! Greetings from Germany, Finn
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to JavaScript and GSAP and at forums at all, so excuse me if something is incorrect, but what I've saw until now GSAP is a great tool for animations. I have a video(duration of 30sec) sequence that has been exported as 900 jpg's. My target is to make animation like the one in http://www.sony.com/be-moved/ . I load all images in an array and then execute the animation on scroll, which changes the src of an img tag like the example from scrollMagic http://scrollmagic.io/examples/expert/image_sequence.html. It's working very smooth on Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera (Windows 8.1), but on Firefox there's a blinking effect. When I scroll and change the src img tag is blinking and loosing video effect. In the codepen example it can be seen only for the first time when you scroll and then it's ok, i guess because of cashed images, but in my project they are 900 and it do it all the time. I'm looking for solution over two weeks and from what I've read 99% it's a Firefox performance bug or something. But anyway I wanted to ask the experts if there is any workaround or there's something wrong in my code. Firefox version is 38.0.5. Thanks in advance, Vlady