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Found 2 results

  1. hey guys, did you have a cool trick to search a specific tween in memory ? In a complexe deep events with multiple promises, i can destroy tweens but also keep some specific looping tween active ! And it become little bit hard when inside a breakpoint , to look and debug in memory if all go fine. You know when your search current active objects in memory. It hard to know what tween i need keep or release to gc. Did you have a tricks or maybe a thing we can do to know what tween are currently in memory when debuging? The example upper show me when snapp the memory, i have 10 tween in memory can't release in GC , and it hard to know wish and where the are come from. i was think about something like const t = TweenMax.staggerTo(container.children, 4, {x:()=>`+=${Math.randomFrom(4,-8)}`,y:()=>`+=${Math.randomFrom(7,-10)}`, ease: Power1.easeInOut, repeat:-1, yoyo:true}, 0.2); // this not work, but a kind of naming memory to easy search if the tween was destroyed in memory? t.memoryName('blablaMemoryID'); // create a easy search reference for debug only Because i notice some memory leak from my events, and am trying to debug, but it hard to know what,where,when, from in a complex and deep events with a lots of tweenings features.. What your suggest to me , did you have good trick to learn me. It will be very cool guys if you can release us a video to how debug memory for your tweens engines (tips tricks). or maybe your already have one i didnt seen! it could help to master the tween and the mistakes not to do, I'm sure I made a stupid mistake somewhere that causes me a memory leak. sorry if this is a stupid question or not related to your engine :), hope you can help me here. Also sorry for poor english, i try my best
  2. hi guys, i noticed when i delete a objets, the easing still loaded in memory. What the best way to manage your api for a video game ? do i need to stock all instance in a buffer and batch destroys them ? Example here, all those objects not exist in my render, they was deleted, but keep existing in memory from your API. What best practice, recommendation for manage the garbage collector ? Did you have something native implemented yet? thanks