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  1. I have five movieclips, with different instances, since i would want to use them as buttons later with different actions. (let's call them mc_1, mc_2, mc_3, mc_4, and mc_5) Each of this moveclips will share the same tween for movement. Now, here comes the tricky part -for me- : Each movie clip, share a common nested-moviecli. It is the same instance for all of them. Let's call it inner_animation. What i want to do, is to tell each movie clip (mc_1, mc_2 ...) to run inner_anmation once the tween has completed. Here is an example for what i have for mc_1: import com.greensock.TweenLite; import com.greensock.easing.*; TweenLite.to( mc_1, 0.5, {_x:"200", _y:"100", ease:Strong.easeOut, onComplete:RunInnerAnimation} ); function RunInnerAnimation() { TweenLite.to( mc_1.inner_animation, 1, {_x:"50", _y:"50", ease:Regular.easeOut} ); } As you can see this method wont work, since i would have to write one function for each moveclip. I was thinking something like: This.inner_animation but couldnt make it work. Any smart guy out there?
  2. Once again... figured it out... I need to stop being so quick to post. Thanks