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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am new to banner ads and GSAP. I am trying to get acquainted with creating multiple framed banners (transitions and fades of content). I am trying to replicate the actions of this https://share.bannersnack.com/bvzpax1t6/ to the code I uploaded, which in my mind is 1 frame and the css is extremely long. I am just not sure how to get this started. The css and HTML I can do but the js is where it gets confusing. desktop.html desktop.css
  2. Hey guys! Need a little assistance. I'm having trouble with using nested timelines in Adobe Animate. I'm unsure what the best approach is to execute a separate timeline within the main timeline. I've attempted to use both a callback from a function, and just using .add() to put it within the timeline. Can this be done? I'm sure it can, just need someone more experienced to point out where I'm going wrong. Thanks in advance! Here's the code: var pw = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}) pw.add("begin") .to(this.pc_tools_mc, .5, {x:-164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}, "+=1") .to(this.pc_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .from(this.dw_tools_mc, .5, {x:164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.dw_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .set(this.pc_tools_mc,{x:164}) .to(this.dw_tools_mc, .5, {x:-164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.pc_tools_mc, .5, {x:164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.pc_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .set(this.dw_tools_mc,{x:164}); .add("end") var tl = new TimelineMax() tl.from(this.text1_mc, 1.5, { scaleX:0, scaleY:0, alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn },) .to([this.tree_mc2, this.tree_mc3, this.tree_mc4, this.tree_mc5, this.tree_mc6, this.text1_mc], 0.5, { alpha:0 }, "+=2") .to([this.text2_mc, this.lockup_mc], .5, { alpha:1 }, ) .to([this.text2_mc, this.tree_mc], 0.5, {alpha:0 }, "+=2") .from(this.text3_mc, 0.5, { alpha: 0 },"+=0.5") .add(pw.tweenTo("end")) .to(this.lowes_mc, 0.5, { alpha:1 },) this.stop();