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text not showing in Draggable & ThrowPropsPlugin example on codepen

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When I view this in codepen the text in box1 and box2  does not display.  I copied the code to my texteditor at home it ran fine but the the text doesn't display there either.  I don't know how I would address that text to give it a higher z-index or what I should do.  Thanks in advance for any help.

<div class="box" id="box1">Drag and throw me</div>
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I  don't quite understand the question - could you provide a very simple codepen that demonstrates the issue? Or are you talking about the codepen that we link to from the main http://www.greensock.com/draggable/ page? I'm just a bit unclear about exactly what the problem is (no text disappears in any browser I've looked at the demo in)

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I have the same issue. The demo looks fine, until you open it up in codeio The text is being displaced well below the box! It did the same thing in my code too :-)

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Sorry about that - I just need to append the "px" to the lineHeight. It's fixed now. 

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