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Thought I'd start to share my playgrounds, I create these to try out ideas. They all use LoaderMax and TweenMax quite a bit. My parallax stuff uses tons of Greensock classes.


Anyway, I'll add all my stuff to the following link, feel free to grab whatever is in it.



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just finished, and all animation using Greensock. Click on the play button.


Special Shout Out to Mr. Schooff for his quick responses.


no if I could only get the self loader working... gotta figure out what's up with that. :ugeek:

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I’ve finally gotten round to building a reusable, touch scrollable list of items suitable for AIR apps targeted at iOS devices.

The files use Greensocks ThrowProps so you will need to have a copy of this before you can run the files.


I’ve included two memory tracking elements as well as these are an essential tool when creating apps for mobile through AIR.



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Great job, crooksy88. Thanks for sharing!

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With the help of LoaderMax and TweenMax we realized our "Werbeagentur" homepage:




Thanks for this great work.




DIE.SCOUTS GbR Werbeagentur

Aschaffenburg - Germany

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We used TweenMax in abundance. But most impressive were the bezier tweening capabilities in combination with Away3D to make smooth transitions from one location to another. Thanks to GreenSock and the community for making this possible!


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Great job, ktingvoar. Very rich experience. Glad to hear the tools helped out. I'm working on some improvements to the Bezier system too, so stand by for that.

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