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Martin Lindelof

Weird pixel glitches on DIVs in Firefox when rotating.

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One co-worker has done these animation flips.


TweenLite.to(banner_box_7, .18, { rotationX: banner_flip_dgr, transformOrigin: banner_fliptype, ease:banner_flip_ease_in, .......


And we get these pixel lines stuck (only sometimes on firefox only) 


First image is before animation, later is in mid animation and you can see 1px lines getting stuck.


Anyone who know what can cause this.


** Update **


I know what caused this, it´s a bug in current Firefox version



moderator can close this thread.



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No worries, thanks for bringing this up - we'll leave it here for a reference if others have the issue. Opera 12 is also horrible for this...

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