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Timeline woes

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Just when I think I got the timeline figured out, I run into more strange stuff. I'll try to keep this simple:

  .set(o,{visibility:'visible', immediateRender:false},offset)

This animates two objects from a function, with "fx" being an object with the properties to tween.


No problem here. Makes the objects visible at the proper time, and moves object "A" into place by animating "x", and adjusts the opacity of object "B" from 0 to 1.


Again, no problem. Reverses the animation, with them ending by setting visibility to "hidden".


This time, object "A" remains hidden (visibility:hidden), but object "B" is visible and animates the opacity properly. Object "B" is acting normally, but object "A" has disappeared, what's going on?


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Two questions:

  1. Are you using the latest version? (1.9.8 right now)
  2. Can you please create a codepen or jsfiddle that demonstrates this so that we can see it in context? It sounds kinda like you've created a conflict somewhere, but it's tough to tell without seeing things in context. 
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