Example of AngularJS Greensock integration

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Ask and Ye Shall Find!


Hey GSAP Team,


I present a solution not a problem this time :-) Remember I asked about structuring a site w GSAP


I found something on using AngularJS Framework that uses a bunch of different type of ways to animate. Below is an example using Greensock ( and other animation methods) to animate pages.


Note: this is one way to do it you def dont have to use Angular but as a framework it seems to be picking up in popularity so it cant hurt. Like I mentioned in a previous post Im working on a site without a MV* Framework.


Warning: AngularJS is not for the faint of heart, I am now learning the basics of it. You guys who are further along with javascript frameworks can do something with it. But once I get this down things should get really fun from here on out.


Enjoy your holiday for those in the US.


- Dwayne

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Thanks, Dwayne. Its great to know about these articles. We love it when folks contribute to the forums / greensock community in any way. 





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