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One way to explode items (example included)

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This is an example that I tailored that uses GSAP to imitate exploding objects. It uses multiple canvases on one element but without the need to re-draw them. I understand this might not be the best solution for large objects but it works nicely with small objects and it is easy to integrate.


Please feel free to post your own solutions because honestly I think there is somewhat lack of content in the wild about canvas/DOM explosions...


example here: http://cdpn.io/FpiJw (codepen)


PS: Feel free to fork and change the explode code (please share here if you do).

PS1: Make sure you use the SlowMo easing... ;)

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hi there..

i used your code to create nice "storm" effect with TweenMax image.


you can take a look at:


See the Pen aApDq by bazooki (@bazooki) on CodePen




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