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Getting targetObject's scaled width and height [SOLVED]

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I am needing to read the width and height of a transformItem as if it were not rotated. The .width and .height property seem to take the rotation into account, meaning that I get the value that I need only when rotation == 0.


I figured I might be able to get this value from the bounds.width/height value, but I am trying to read the value when the transformItem is NOT selected, in which case "bounds" seems to be null. Is there an explicit value for this, or do I need to perform a calculation. If so, what is it?

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I got a close value by taking the scaleX/scaleY value of the transformItem and multiplying it by my display object's original size. The calculation isn't perfect though. If my display object is 100x100, when I rotate it, it will become. 99.XXXXXXXXXX.


This is okay I think, unless you know a way to get a perfect reading. (by that, I mean that when I rotate it, the width and height STAY 100).

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Nevermind, that didn't work either. The scaleX and scaleY must reset themselves after they are deselected. Any hints?

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Use my MatrixTools class and try something like this:


function getUnrotatedWidth($mc:DisplayObject):Number {
   var bounds:Rectangle = $mc.getBounds($mc);
   return bounds.width * MatrixTools.getScaleX($mc.transform.matrix);

function getUnrotatedHeight($mc:DisplayObject):Number {
   var bounds:Rectangle = $mc.getBounds($mc);
   return bounds.height * MatrixTools.getScaleY($mc.transform.matrix);

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