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Animate color of a:link aka CSS properties cheat sheet

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Hi, I'm a newbie so maybe this is dumb question. I like to animate the color of links, something like:


new TweenLite(myMenu, 1, {css:{a:linkColor:"#FFF"}}),


But I can't find the property for a:link or a:visited. Is there cheatsheet for all CSS properties that GreenSock can animate.




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It's a nice idea however Javascript and Greensock don't quite work that way. Greensock is able to animate the properties of any DOM element (or even any javascript object), but unfortunately things like :link, :hover, :active etc are pseudo elements and not present in the DOM for Javascript selection.

You could either add css-transitions to animate your anchor CSS directly:

a {
   color: #0000FF;
  -webkit-transition: color 1s ease;
  -moz-transition: color 1s ease;
  transition: color 1s ease;
a:hover {
  color: #FFFFFF;

or setup javascript event listeners for mouseenter and mouseout and run tweens on those:

// using jQuery
$(document.body).delegate('a', 'mouseenter', hover).delegate('a', 'mouseout', unhover);
function hover() {
  TweenMax.to(this, 1, css:{ color: "FFFFFF" } );
function unhover() {
  TweenMax.to(this, 1, css:{ color: "0000FF" } );

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Thanks, I will try that.


Do you know if there is a list of css properties that GreenSock can animate. I searched the documentation but couldn't find it...(?)

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The majority of CSS properties should be animatable. There was talk of making a list but I'm not sure if that was released - http://www.greensock.com/get-started-js/#css does mention a bunch of animatable and helper properties though. Just remember to use the camelCase name of the style (e.g. backgroundColor, marginTop) and there's a good chance CSSPlugin will animate it (even CSS3 styles work with the most recent updates to Greensock JS).

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Actually, there is a pretty easy solution for this: we created a CSSRulePlugin that allows you to animate the actual css rules themselves! So you could do this:

var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule("a");
if (rule) { //just make sure it exists
   TweenLite.to(rule, 2, {cssRule:{color:"red"}}); //animates all the links to red


And if you wanted to animate just the hover state (assuming you defined such a rule in your style sheets), you'd use CSSRulePlugin.getRule("a:hover").




(note: CSSRulePlugin was just updated today, so please make sure you download the latest files)


As far as a list of animatable properties, Jamie is exactly right - almost every property is animatable. The only exception that comes to mind right now is gradients, but I just haven't tried that yet. Is there something in particular you want to know about?

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Animating the CSS rules with CSSRulePlugin is amazing! I'd never noticed it before but it is very cool indeed.


One thing I'd mention about animating the :hover rule though: It doesn't apply 'transitions' to regular hover events, rather it's a one-off change to the :hover style. If you hover/are hovering the link while :hover is being animated you will see the color change. Once the tween completes though you will get instant color changes like usual, just to the tweened-to color instead > example


You will still need to bind events or use a CSS transition if you want your links to always animate as they are being interacted with.

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  • 1 month later...



I've tried the solution you described (CSSRule) but I get a Security error in FireFox FireBug:


SecurityError: The operation is insecure.



GreenSock TweenMax Beta 1.8.2

CSSRulePlugin.min.js version beta 0.5

FireFox 18.0.2

FireBug 1.11.1

Windows 7

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You can get that error when trying to read a stylesheet loaded from a different domain or server, or trying to read an @import rule. I wonder if maybe you were loading the GreenSock files from the CDN inside a file that you were looking at locally (or the other way around). 

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