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Information on how you're using ENTER_FRAME Events?

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We're working on a very niche project with a somewhat customized version of the Flash Player — I can offer more details if necessary.


One of the leaks appears to happen when we attempt to utilize an ENTER_FRAME event, and if that same event is added a second time after it has already been registered. Consider this as an example:



function onFrm(e:Event):void {


addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onFrm);
addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, onFrm);


My question is, within the core of TweenMax, knowing that we're using tween overwrites, are there many cases where that scenario may happen within the engine? I figured I'd ask here before I started digging deep into it all. If this does have the chance of happening, I can probably customize the engine to utilize the following which appears to resolve this issue we're having. I realize this could impact performance, but that's less of a concern than the memory issue.


if(!hasEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME)) {
addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, foo);



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Nope, the entire engine is driven by a single ENTER_FRAME handler. The listener gets added once at startup and that's it.


I hope that's good news for you :)


Good luck on your project.

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