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show handles on top of everything...

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Hello everyone, is there a way for anyone to show me an example of how to show the handles on top of everything on the stage. im not gonna be using select mutiply items.

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Due to complexities related to all the features packed into TransformManager, the selection box/handles must be drawn inside the same container as your items. So if you have other things stacked on TOP of that container, you'll need to change that if you want the selection box/handles to show up on top of everything else. Of course the selection does automatically rise to the top of all the other child elements in the container - I'm just talking about the container itself.

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ok i see. now.. i recall something somewhere on a older version where i changed the settings or the code somewhere that let me scale the handles outside the myManager box. like right now im restricted to moving inside the box.

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Oh, if you're talking about bounds, you can certainly set those to null so that there are no limitations on how far you can drag things. However, note that Adobe has several bugs in their Flex framework that cause odd results with scrollbars, so if you're using Flex be mindful of that. They provide no workarounds or fixes which is why by default, FlexTransformManager just imposes bounds to prevent the Flex issues from being seen.

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yup just removed them and works just as i wanted. thanks!

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