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Can't click within very small objects added to TM??

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OK, so here I have a problem that I could really use an answer to!!! ASAP preferably...


I have a display object that has it's own behavior for double click. When it's not super small, I can still double click and get the function to happen. However, when it's added to TransformManager and it becomes small, say like 4-6px tall (even if it's 100px wide), then it's IMPOSSIBLE to double click it, because some invisible drag border of the transform manager is in the way!


I have set the manager.lineThickness = 0; which removes the visible line around it, but there is something else still there that's in the way. Can anyone offer me some solution as to how I can get rid of this invisible border that's overlaying my display object and obstructing it's behavior?

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Sure, that 10-pixel border is actually quite useful in the vast majority of situations (especially TextFields) but if you want to eliminate it, you could manually edit the renderSelection() method in TransformManager.


//change the 10 to be any thickness you want
_edges.graphics.lineStyle(10, 0xFF0000, 0, false, "none");


Does that help?

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Thanks man, adjusting that did the trick! My text display objects already contain custom edges (drawn with a dashed line over a solid line) so that edge was somewhat unnecessary in my scenario. Reducing it to 1 or 2 seems to have good results for me.

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