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Mario Marco

Problem, my backward is weird

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People, i made one project for my job and the foward work very well, but, all backward is weird.


My fla has 6mb, so here is the file, someone have a solution? I'm new in that thing! O.o



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I don't see any GreenSock tools being used in your project, and I don't understand your question. Could you clarify please?

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i am using tweenmax to play a movieclip with labels in some points, i used TweenPlugin,FrameBackwardPlugin,FrameForwardPlugin to accomplished that, but when i play the movieclip in reverse, its playing weird. I think that i'm using greensock wrong way or my movieclip with a 6mb video in timeline is very heavy.

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I can confirm that the file you posted does not include any greensock code relating to controlling the playback of the video.


please note embedding large videos (greater than 10 seconds in duration) is discouraged by Adobe for various reasons.


also please make sure that the frame rate of your swf matches the frame rate of the video.


I noticed that from the properties panel the flv is reported as 46 seconds in duration but your movie clip only has 37.1 seconds worth of frames. don't know how to explain that variance but perhaps it is a problem.


i would suggest testing with a much smaller flv, at least that might shed some light on where the issue lies. I strongly suspect the 6mb size and duration is simply too much for Flash to handle.

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I discovered the problem, its simple adjust the flv imported to movieclip to have 3 keyframe instead 30, the lazy, broke, reverse play its the bad guy!


Sorry for that, i will continue studying this wonderful plugin.

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