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Loader width/height displays at half size

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Without exception the following code:


queue.append(new ImageLoader("images/whale.png", {width:640, height:450, scaleMode:"proportionalOutside", crop:true, container:this}));


Displays the image at half the size entered.


My project will be loading images of different sizes and orientations and I want to scale and crop them to fit a movieClip of a specified size.


Any advice?

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that seems odd. are you sure the scaling isn't be caused by some other code?

can you post a full example of 1 image loading and being scaled improperly?

from the code you have shown its difficult to assess properly.





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You're right Carl. I overlooked the code:



var loadedImage:ContentDisplay = event.target.content;
loadedImage.scaleX = loadedImage.scaleY = .5


From the demo file I edited.




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