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Loadermax warning Ignoring 'secure' attribute in policy file

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Hi to all!


I'm at a loss here!


I'm trying to load a swf (with tlf textfield on it) as below. Here is my document class.


package {

import com.greensock.loading.SWFLoader;

import flash.display.Sprite;

public class Main extends Sprite {

public function Main():void {

var loaderTest:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader( 'content/mySwf.swf' );






Here's is the error that is driving me nuts! :shock:


Warning: Ignoring 'secure' attribute in policy file from http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/crossdomain.xml. The 'secure' attribute is only permitted in HTTPS and socket policy files.


I'm using Flash CS5.5. I read somewhere that there have been some corrections in tlf in Flash CS5.5.


So I ask, is loadermax compatible with swf files created with flash CS5.5 (that have TLF textfields)? Has anyone the same issue or is it just me?


Thanx in advance for any feedback.


By the way, greensock rules!

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Sure, LoaderMax can load pretty much any swf - if you're still having trouble, please post your FLA and any support files so that we can publish on our end and see exactly what's going on.

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