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ScaleMode.STRETCH will not return to proportional

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Hi greensock,


I have a project wherein I am loading videos and allowing the user to adjust the scale mode similar to the way the autofitarea example works. I believe that I have discovered a bug in your FlexContentDisplay class (and possibly ContentDisplay). When setting the ScaleMode on the object to STRETCH it will not return to either proportional mode unless you set it to NONE first. I have attached a brief project that demonstrates the bug.

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Great catch, and thanks for putting a sample together. Very helpful. I believe the issue is resolved in the attached version - would you mind giving it a go before I post it in the public downloads? Thanks again for the assist.

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Looks good, although my test is fairly cursory. I can confirm that it is happy with images and videos.


Thanks for the fix.

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i'm using the latest version of GreenSock as3 (11/11/11) and VideoLoader class :

ScaleMode don't work. Videos are always "STRETCH".


For example :


var videoloader:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader( "video.mp4",
										  } );


I tried with mp4, flv, f4v. Same results.


Thanks for help.

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I also have the same problem. It looks like 'proportionalInside' is stretching the video. I am using the latest version.

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Yeah, I'm so sorry about that - it was a bug introduced a few days back that caused this behavior and it should be fixed in the latest version. Again, my apologies. If you update now, you should be in good shape but let me know if you run into anything else.

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