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Liquid Stage Releasing Items

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I have a project with many separate classes all using liquid stage to scale the elements to the size of the browser.


The code is quite complex and I have no way of simply reproducing the problem but was wondering if there are any known bugs that could cause it.


The problem is that 2 of my elements are being released from the liquid stage for no apparent reason. there is no code to release the elements but after the display of another panel in a non related class 2 elements are released.


I have added some code to your classes to see if the release command is being called but it is not.


liquid stage also seems to be sometimes forgetting items when the min size is reached.


is it correct to have an instance of liquid stage in every class that uses it od should i have one static instance for the entire site?









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Nope, I can't imagine how/why that'd happen. I'm not aware of any bugs in LiquidStage at all. There's no way you could throw together a simple example FLA that demonstrates the issue? That'd be super helpful for troubleshooting. Otherwise I'm working blind and can't be of much assistance unfortunately.


(you are using the latest version of LiquidStage, right? Just checking)

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Yes in using the latest Version. Just downloaded it today. Ill der if i can make an example that behaves the same. The hard Part is that it is part of a complex project and in just not sure if I can get the same problem to happen in a simple example. Also quite strange is that this is a refresh of a Project that was online last year that did not have these problems.

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Unfortunately I cant seem to replicate this problem outside of my project. I would be happy to send you the code and walk you through it but I cant make it available to everyone.


If you would be willing to do this please send me a mail.








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Darn. Well, unfortunately I'm swamped with work and I can't generally afford the time to troubleshoot other people's projects especially if there's a lot going on in them. I know of some developers that you might be able to hire to look at it - let me know if you need a referral.


For the record, I have found that the best way to tackle this sort of thing is to create a separate, simplified version of the project with only the BARE basics. Get that working. Then, start building on top of that more and more complexity until it breaks. That way, you know exactly where along the way it broke down which can really help to identify the issue.

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