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Moving Text Box with Cursor Keys

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Is there a way of moving the text box around with the cursor keys. I noticed from a previous post it looked like it was possible but got turned off due to a selection conflict. An overide switch would be great like hold down Ctl+arrows to move it etc..



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You should be able to just click on one of the edges so that the focus isn't INSIDE the TextField (which would mean the user's arrow presses should move the cursor/caret rather than the entire TextField). See what I mean?

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Yes unfortunatly that doesn't work, maybe I should have mentioned I'm using Flex... ;)


One thing that does work is to click on another web browser window then click the app browser again. (lets the browser loose then regain focus).


Work around

I've added 'Application.application.stage.focus = null;' to run when the ESC key is pressed in the text area. Then the user can move the text box around with the cursors.



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