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Settings Bounds After Image Select

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I've upgraded my app from a pretty old version of Transform Manager with the latest. Everything seems to work as expected except one issue. I dynamically set bounds on the manager when an object is selected (TransformEvent.SELECT). This use to work but no longer does? Is this a bug or a conscious decision with Transform Manager? Also is there anywhere I can see version notes to see what's changed over the various versions?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Sure, there's a changelog.txt file in the com/greensock/transform/ directory (where TransformManager.as is). As far as the different bounds behavior, nothing is coming to mind that would explain what you describe, but maybe it'd help if you put together a very simple FLA that demonstrates the problem and sent it my way so that I can publish it on my end and see what's going on.

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No worries, after reviewing my code it seems I can program around this issue. But if you are curious here's a simple FLA




I believe the expected behavior is that I shouldn't be able to drag the item off stage, but please correct me if I'm wrong. It seems this is how it use to work.

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I still saw the bounds applying, but there was a tweak I needed to make so that they applied in a particular way (long story). I just uploaded a fresh version that seems to work great with your example.

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Great! New version works like before and as expected. Hopefully you didn't sink too much time into it.


Really appreciate you going above and beyond with your amazing support!

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