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new FlexCrop -> TransformManager

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Hopefully a quick question. I'm using the 'FlexTransformManager' and wanted to tryout the new 'FlexCrop' feature. My current cropper works ok but your seems like it could be a bit tidier.


When I use the FlexCrop it's typed to use the 'TransformManager' not it's flex version which I'm using in my app


var mc1Crop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(mc1, flexTransformManager);


Am I doing something stupid?



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Nope, you're not doing anything stupid - FlexTransformManager is just a shell that wraps around a TransformManager instance (to work around some of the Flex issues and make it Flex-friendly). All you need to do is reference the FlexTransformManager's "manager" property like:


var mc1Crop:FlexCrop = new FlexCrop(mc1, flexTransformManager.manager);

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