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mp3Loader - how to play loaded sound more than once?

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The easiest way to explain this is to give you an code example with comments that explain problem inside.

Here it is:


screenSound = new MP3Loader("sounds/screen.mp3", {name:"audio", autoPlay:false, repeat:0, estimatedBytes:9500});
rotateSound = new MP3Loader("sounds/rotate-short.mp3", {name:"audio", autoPlay:false, repeat:0, estimatedBytes:9500});

var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onComplete:animateBg});
queue.append( screenSound );
queue.append( rotateSound );

queue.load ();

//after a few lines of code in animateB function which is invoked by event handler in LoaderMax I use:
//and this works fine

//then again after few lines of code in some other function which is invoked from animateBg I again try to use
//and nothing, sound won`t play


So, looks like I just can`t play loaded sound more than once... what am I doing wrong?

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I get it now.


gotoSoundTime(0,true) - practically would be a replay command.

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