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Hi guys,


Hope you are doing great, happy coding. Can someone kindly tell me what needs to be implemented here to create a website like this one, it's using custom GSAP, core.js, jQuery. 


Here is the site: https://www.redis.agency/


I would be highly grateful if someone could tell me about it. 





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We love helping with GSAP-related questions, but unfortunately we just don't have the resources to provide free general consulting, logic troubleshooting, or "how do I recreate this cool effect I saw on another site?" tutorials. Of course anyone else is welcome to post an answer if they'd like - we just want to manage expectations.  


Notice there's no actual scroll on that site, so it's very likely using something like Observer to react to scroll-like behaviors and then update an associated animation timeline. 


You are welcome to post in the "Jobs & Freelance" forum for paid consulting, or contact us directly. 


Otherwise, if you've got a GSAP-specific question just post that here along with a minimal demo and we'd be happy to take a look. 

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The radish is a lottie spritesheet, but that could also be achieved with GSAP and a spritesheet tied to scroll


Hope this helps.


See the Pen mdVEpKK by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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