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handler size when zooming canvas

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my movie clips are in a movie clip container, and I have a zooming feature to zoom the whole canvas, in this case, I wish the handler of transform manager remain the default size rather than scale larger with transform items.


Is it a way to do this?


Thanks and thanks for your great jobs.

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You could tween the handleSize in the opposite direction when you're zooming the container so that they offset each other.

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I am going to make a small picture on a canvas. I will get a print out of what I want from the internet, cut it out and paste it on the canvas. What can I use that is clear to cover the small image on the piece of paper? Then I will paint something on top of that. Are there any suggestions to cover a small paper image on a canvas painting? Thanks a lot.


market samurai ~ marketsamurai ~ marketsamurai.com

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I don't quite understand what you're trying to do. Could you explain further?

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