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Need to have this interactive animation replicated HTML - JS - CSS

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Hello im paying 200$ to anyone how can do this animation.  i cant add the video here because of the 286kb limit. but its fine in the general forum section.


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offer raised to 250$

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Hi, had a look at the video. I'm not like to be able to help you myself, but you might get help if you get a bit more specific. 
The video you posted shows one animation, that could basically be a video, as it seems to play the same way always. Does the speed with which you swipe up influence the animation? (could still be just a video then, but with speed / scrub control).

Or does the position of the finger changed the animation? Then you need something like gsap...

The answers to those questions influence the complexity and thus the amount of work involved a lot.

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i found the original project and its in swift. 

indeed the position of the finger change the animation speed. take a look at the github https://github.com/Cuberto/cb-tabbar

here is a GIF that show the animation better:


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