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GSAP Observer and passive listening Lighthouse diagnosit

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I don't have a demo as this is more of a general question. 


I have a site using Observer to control a few things on the page, such as when a header appears or disappears depending on scroll direction. In Google's Lighthouse, I get this feedback: 


Consider marking your touch and wheel event listeners as `passive` to improve your page's scroll performance. Learn more.


The link - https://developer.chrome.com/docs/lighthouse/best-practices/uses-passive-event-listeners/?utm_source=lighthouse&utm_medium=devtools - Suggests that the 'passive' flag should be added to scroll event listeners.


Is there a way that Observer could be modified to comply with this Lighthouse report issue? Has this been discussed elsewhere? 


This isn't something critical for me but I have some clients that are passionate about their lighthouse score so would be good to come back to them with further information if this cannot be changed. 

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I don't recall any discussion of the sort. Reading this could give some idea regarding the subject:



I'm not entirely sure if I can help you with this, but this could be tied to the scroll thread and how observer works under the hood. @GreenSock should be the one to answer this.


Maybe you're using preventDefault in your observer configuration object? Is the only thing I can think of that could be causing this, beyond that I can't think of anything else.


Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Please stand by for a more official response.

Happy Tweening!

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Yeah, for some of the functionality, Observer can't just blanket set passive: true stuff on event handlers. If you've got a particular situation that's causing problems for you, please feel free to post a minimal demo and we'd be happy to take a peek. Usually the defaults are pretty solid, though, and shouldn't cause any problems. Like @Rodrigo asked, did you maybe set preventDefault: true? That could be the cause if the issue in your case. 

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