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Reverse scrolltrigger actions only when reaching again top of page

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Hi, following this thread: 

Adding the "once" param fixes as suggested, but how can I reverse the animation only when scrolling and ending again to top (Y: zero) ? [or example Y-100px]

onEnterBack I guess many not work, being a fixed element that doesnt enter back nowhere and I dont undertand where to add any Y value to start reversing, as it simply stay there fixed, lol :)

Something like: scroll down,  with this scrubbing, once scrolled really close to the top of the dom, then reverse the timeline, but without the scrubbing.

Im stucked and I dont even know if is something doable via scrolltrigger itself. :(

Thanks and sorry for keep on the thread, but for a misunderstanding I closed the previous one


See the Pen rNvqLWG by DedaloD (@DedaloD) on CodePen

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