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Jean Polkin

Drag and drop tiles

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Hi everyones, 
I'm Trying to display randomly those DragTiles by data values and staggered them but i'm quite lost  and i was struggled for hours. I tried several methods like flip, random(), shuffle() without success. 

Could you just give me a hint so I can achieve this.

It's a simple little animation and yet I can't do it.


Thank's a lot for your precious help


See the Pen poVaONE?editors=1111 by JPolkin (@JPolkin) on CodePen

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Are you asking how to take the blue ones and re-order them randomly? Or are you asking about a stagger animation (like maybe animating them onto the screen)? Sorry, I'm a bit lost about what exactly you're asking here from a GSAP perspective. 

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Sorry yes i want to re-order the blue ones randomly but I thought we should create an animation for the re ordered. 

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ohh yess! great!! i'm really greatful!! 


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