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How to show content on before scroll

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Hi, i want to achieve this,image.thumb.png.add35b61711fa8f8b01ff12860cd4e3d.png 

from the beginning the screen should look like this both greensock and right side greensock will be shown then normaly data changing while scrolling the end of the scroll i want this,



Somebody help. I'm stuck on this while..

See the Pen 0f57e35d19deaf7fda9ee3b65ac80476 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen

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Can you show what you've already tried? That way we can help you better understand the tools. The pen you're linking to now is from a moderator here on the forum. 


I would suggest removing the first element from the loop and animating that one manually at the beginning of the timeline. 


If you just want someone to create the animation for you, you could hop over to the Jobs & Freelance forum and post a topic there.

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I think the cleanest way to approach this would be to completely remove ScrollTrigger from the equation to begin with and ONLY focus on making the animation you want so that it just runs immediately. So you'd have a sequenced animation in a single timeline that does ALL of those parts. THEN, once you're happy with that, you can hook it up to the scroll using ScrollTrigger. I think you're just over-engineering things a bit by trying to set up a bunch of different ScrollTriggers at various spots. Doing it in a single timeline will be cleaner and much easier to visualize initially. 


Good luck!

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