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Long page using ScrollTrigger and skipping past sections with anchor links

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Firstly, apologies if this has already been asked, I tried to find previous posts but suspect I wasn't looking for quite the correct terms.


I have a loooong page using a mixture of regular ScrollTrigger animations + timelines - but I also have a fixed menu at the side that jumps you down to various anchor linked sections.


So if someone starts the page and clicks the link to #section-5, can I stop all the animations on the way from the top to bottom from firing?


Many thanks!


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please watch the video on fastScrollEnd and prevenOverlaps found at



There is a great demo there, but be sure to watch the video as it goes pretty deep into the details.


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Thank you, Carl! Brilliant and very helpful video as always.


toggleActions: "play complete reset reset" is what I'm after in this instance (of course!), but great to know those other options are there.

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