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Trying to do something funky effects with ScrollTrigger (horizontal and vertical scrolling)

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I've got ScrollTrigger on a project and have implemented the pairing of horizontal and vertical scrolling. You can view the example code pen in this post.


What I'm trying to do now is do some cool effects on each section as it scrolls into and out of view. I love this example: https://digilab.kunsthaus.ch/en/exhibition/ausstellung-zur-eroeffnung-des-kunsthauses-am-heimplatz?group=switzerland


Hoping that someone very talented in these always helpful forums could point me in the right direction.



See the Pen LYmPmRm by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen

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The example effect is a simple 3d rotation around the y axis. Create a timeline and animate the horizontal scroll. Create a second timeline with the same duration as the first timeline and have that include all the 3d rotations in sequence. Add the second timeline to the beginning of the first timeline such that they completely overlap. Add the scrollTrigger to your first timeline with a scrub of like 2.

That's how I would attempt it at first. It would require some tweaking on the second timeline so that the rotations happen when you actually want then. There is probably a better way to achieve the effect using scrollTriggers on the horizontal container, but I haven't done much with that.

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Thanks for your quick response @SteveS


You couldn't possible tweak my CodePen example and add a basic starting point could you. I'd be forever grateful.

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This isn't exactly correct, but it will get you started:

See the Pen XWqrQoZ by StevenStavrakis (@StevenStavrakis) on CodePen


Generally speaking, if you need someone to write the code or imitate an effect for you, your post is more suited for the job board. But it was time I dipped my toe into horizontal scroll scrolltriggers.

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