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Andy Bui

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Hi everyone,


I have a small concern about the bonus plugin that using in projects. I am loading the plugin via <script> tag and tag the js file via /minified files. And without "gsap.registerPlugin()", I still can use the plugin as usual. Do I need to put the register code in the project if selling to other clients to ensure the plugin can be used without any problems ?


Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member!


When you load a plugin file after GSAP is already loaded, it'll actually try to register itself (as a convenience) but we still recommend calling gsap.registerPlugin(...) just as a good practice. This has NOTHING to do with authenticating your Club GreenSock membership or anything like that. The bonus plugins you get after joining Club GreenSock don't have any "phone home" scripts or anything that would cause them to suddenly break if your membership expires. Our whole business model relies on the honor system. 


Happy tweening!

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