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ScrollTrigger batch with nested timelines

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I'm trying to create an effect where individual items within a list are animated into view similar to the

See the Pen zYrxpmb by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

.  However, I would like the elements within each list item to animate in a 'staggered' sequence.  I hope the image makes sense?demo.jpg.d0380b905de8565ab1a117827661f7a0.jpg


I've created a pen but as you can see when the trigger is hit, all the images animate at the same time instead of staggering... same with the blue text boxes.


Any help appreciated



See the Pen dyeboxN by Martagnan (@Martagnan) on CodePen

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Thanks Jack, that is exactly what i'm looking for 😃!  Awesome work thank you!

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