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Adel Kamel

.add not working on IE11

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Hello everyone, 


I have used this code to add a class on an image:

.add(() => {

It works and all browsers except on IE11 when i have a syntaxe error:

You can see here all my JS files:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event){

    const logo = document.querySelector('.logo');
    const pastille = document.querySelector('.pastille');
    const cover = document.querySelector('.cover');
    const legalNotice = document.querySelector('.legal-notice');
    const imageProduct = document.querySelector('.image-product');
    const shop = document.querySelector('.shop');
    const cta = document.querySelector('.cta');
    const arrow = document.querySelector('.arrow-black');

    const timeline = gsap.timeline({});

        // Image product, pastille, logo and mention ON
        .to([imageProduct, pastille, logo, legalNotice], {delay: .5, opacity: 1, duration: .5})

        // Pastille OFF
        .to([pastille, legalNotice], {delay:4, duration: .5, opacity: 0})

        // Image product OFF
        .to(imageProduct, {duration:.5, y: 10, opacity: 0}, "-=.5")

        // Image product ON and blur
        .add(() => {
        .to(imageProduct, {y: 0})
        .to(imageProduct, {delay:.2, opacity: 1})

        // Cover ON
        .to(cover, {delay: .1, opacity: 1, duration: .5})
        .to(cover, {y: 10, duration: .5}, "-=.5")

        // Cover OFF
        .to(cover, {delay:4, y: -60, duration: .5, opacity: 0})

        // Shop ON
        .to(shop, {delay: .2, opacity: 1, y:-75, duration: .5})
        .to(cta, { opacity: 1, duration: .5},"-=.5")

Thanks for your help

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Hi @Adel Kamel,


I don't believe this has anything to do with GSAP. IE11 doesn't support Javascript's ES6 syntax (arrow functions), which you are using in your code.

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  • Solution

I found solution

.to(imageProduct, { className: 'image-product blur'}, "-=.5")


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Just beware that GSAP doesn't animate the changing of classes. You can certainly set the class via GSAP...I just don't want you thinking that it'll analyze every single CSS property, find the differences, and animate those. 


Glad you found a solution. 

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