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Albert Kovtoun

Problem with snapping when scrolling quickly

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Hi there. I have an issue.


I want to animate a 3D model in three.js using GSAP scrolltrigger. It all works fine in codepen, but once I apply the same logic in my project, the model snaps when scrolling quickly. I have tried everything and I can't recreate it in codepen (project I'm talking about: https://sphene.vercel.app/)


What could be a possible solution?



See the Pen jOzVJrL by albertkovtoun (@albertkovtoun) on CodePen

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I'd have to know more about your code and environment to help you debug. Any reason you are using several different sections instead of a pin?


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9 hours ago, Albert Kovtoun said:

the model snaps when scrolling quickly

Sorry, I am not sure what that means. 🤷‍♂️


Unfortunately it's just not realistic to troubleshoot a live site. I'd strongly suggest trying to isolate the issue in a simplified CodePen. Start super basic and slowly build it up until it breaks. 


The CodePen you provided works fine, right? Or did I misunderstand something?

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