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Scrollmagic Pinning with Clickable Animation

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I'm working on a scrollmagic section with pinning and I'm curious if there's a way to have these headlines (Orthodontist, Family-Man, Leader) be clickable. Basically, as you scroll, these headlines and a small paragraph become highlighted/visible but I'm wondering if there's a way you can click through each of these but also leave the scrolling functionality intact. 


Also, is there an easy way to vertically align the pinned items on the page? Right now, I'm using padding to move the elements where I'd like them.


Thanks for any help you can give!

See the Pen QWQaZEY by neontrenton (@neontrenton) on CodePen

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Hi @neontrenton. Is there a particular reason you're using ScrollMagic instead of ScrollTrigger? ScrollMagic is very old, it hasn't been maintained for years, and it's not a GreenSock product so we really can't support it here. If you've got any GSAP/ScrollTrigger questions, we'd be happy to help. Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 💚

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LOL I completely spaced on this being Scrollmagic. Anywhere you could point me to accomplish something similar to this with ScrollTrigger?

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Sure, ScrollTrigger can do pretty much everything ScrollMagic can do plus a lot more. See



I don't have time to convert your whole project over (honestly I'm not very familiar with ScrollMagic at all), but hopefully it's pretty easy to dig into the docs, watch the video, and figure out a solid path forward with ScrollTrigger. If you get stuck, post your minimal demo here and we'll do our best to answer any GSAP-specific questions. 👍

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