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Macbook trackpad triggers animation multiple times

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I have a weird issue with an animation I'm trying to create. I want to move the window trough sections when the user scrolls just a little bit. It works great using a regular mouse, but whenever I use the macbook trackpack the animation triggers multiple times, so instead of moving to the next section, it goes to the last one. Is there a way to fix this issue?

See the Pen zYWOQXW by godhandkiller (@godhandkiller) on CodePen

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Hello @BC Development


Pretty much the same was asked in the two threads right before this one just a couple of minutes ago - one of those even has the convenient name ScrollTrigger Trackpad issues ;) 


I'm not actually sure if this will help, but you coul try @GreenSock's suggestion from this thread and see if it helps.



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